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Containment System for Flood and Fire Restoration and Mould Remediation

Flooding, fire and smoke damage restoration as well as mould remediation are areas where ZipWall® Barrier Systems make a contractor’s job a lot easier.


Over time, the ZipWall barrier concept found wide acceptance in the restoration field. Flood restoration, fire restoration and mould remediation contractors all use ZipWall products as containment tents. For flood restoration, the barrier is a fast way to section off a room and cut drying time dramatically. Dry outs are finished faster so profits increase.
ZipWall® reduces drying time by letting you create a small drying chamber instead of drying an entire room. It’s the ideal containment system for mould remediation. After a fire, you can set up a ZipWall® Barrier System to create a temporary ozone chamber to deodorize furniture and belongings. And that’s just the beginninng.


Puritan Flood uses ZipWall Barrier System to get a customer back in business fast.
Why dry the whole room when it was only partially flooded?

Containment is critical to reducing drying time. In a recent job at a self-insured high tech firm, a water pipe burst in an adjacent room causing minor flooding in the main conference facility. The wall and rug were saturated in several areas and our client needed to use the room for a meeting in three days. We had to work smart and dry it out fast.


Contain just the area you need to dry, nothing more.

This was a large conference room measuring 25m by 33m. Without a containment system, it would have required much larger and more costly dehumidifiers.  That’s where Puritan Flood’s use of the ZipWall barrier system made them look like heroes. First, Puritan was able to gain maximum drying efficiency by sectioning-off a smaller area measuring just 8m x 8m. This meant they needed less equipment and it improved operating efficiency. Puritan Flood was in and out in 2 days.


Create an entry door to move equipment in and out.

The ZipWall system is based on a telescoping, spring loaded pole. Plastic sheet is secured at the top of the pole between an interlocking head and plate.The telescoping action lets you raise the sheeting without a ladder and the spring loading makes it easy to lift the pole to tuck the sheeting underneath during setup.
Spring loading also makes the barrier self-adjusting. This is critical when used on a dropped ceiling, as it is common for the grid to shift slightly when the poles are set up. Spring loading compensates for any movement at the grid and insures a stable and secure barrier.


Start drying fast. Maximise equipment efficiency by minimising the size of your drying chamber.

The bottom line, by drying only part of the room, we were able to use a much smaller dehumidifier, saving our customer hundreds of dollars. 
ZipWall is just one of the ways Puritan Flood Restoration works smarter to make recovery and restoration as fast as possible.